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We tailor our service in bonds to the needs of the individual client. Our dealing team offers a fast competitive execution only service as well as a full advisory or semi-discretionary service.   We provide varying degrees of advice to suit the client. This ranges from very short term intra-day trading views to longer term bespoke research and monitoring for the client of their bond portfolios and performance measurement.   Our highly experienced team are able to offer market commentary and views on all aspects of the yield curve, anomaly and butterfly switches and cheap/dear analysis employing a host analytical techniques



A Bond is a financial instrument or security which represents a debt owed to the holder by the issuer. The loan or debt is paid back on maturity and until then the holder may receive interest payments. Negotiable Bonds can be sold on the secondary market.


Schneider Camara focuses on Europe, North America and Asia. 

High Yield Debt

A high-yield bond also know as a junk bond, is one that is rated below investment grade. With a higher risk of default or other adverse credit events, they can be more attractive to investors as they typically pay higher yields than better quality bonds.



Corporations can raise money for the long term by issuing Corporate Bonds. Unlike equity these do not constitute ownership. They generally have a higher risk than Gilts or Treasuries.


Schneider Camara provides a range of products from Investment Bonds, Gilts and Corporate Bonds. They also provide advice on Financial Markets, Bond Markets, Lending and Return.
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